This is the First classification and this is how it would be without the VAR: matchday 36

Así está la clasificación de Primera y así estaría sin el VAR: 36ª jornada

This is the First classification and this is how it would be without the VAR: matchday 36

The League champion thrashed Levante and the Granotas were relegated to the Second Division. Barcelona, ​​for its part, did not fail against Celta and left its second position and the ticket for the Super Cup almost mathematically tied. Atlético has already certified its place for the next Champions League and Sevilla, who drew against Mallorca, still does not have it guaranteed. Mallorca and Alavés occupy the other two relegation places, although they still have options to save themselves.

Day of a lot of VAR in LaLiga. None of his interventions was decisive in dividing the points, but the tool had work. In Granada-Athletic, a goal against Luis Suárez was annulled in the last minutes for offside; For the same reason that Idrissi’s goal was cancelled, Alarcón was in an advanced position. The referees from Alavés-Espanyol and Rayo-Villarreal had to go to the monitor. In Mendizorroza Pizarro Gómez reviewed an entry by Cabrera about Martin Aguirregabiria. He points to the penalty, but Diego López stops Joselu’s shot. In Vallecas, Óscar Valentín was annulled somewhat by a previous catena hand.

VAR interventions that conditioned the sign

Betis 1 – Cádiz 1 (No VAR, 1-0)

Rui Silva’s penalty on Lozano. Negredo throws it and it is stopped by Rui SIlva, who had both feet in front of the line. He sees the VAR and repeats himself. Negro brand.

Granada 1 – Valencia 1 (2-1)

Montoro’s goal annulled by the VAR for offside.

Raise 1 – Lightning 1 (0-1)

The VAR warns of a hand inside the Ciss area, although Rayo claimed a previous foul. Alberola Rojas sees it and signals a penalty. Roger transforms it.

Elche 1 – Celtic 0 (1-1)

The referee goes to the monitor and annuls Aspas’ goal for using his arm to score.

Athletic 2 – Villarreal 1 (1-1)

The VAR warns of a penalty by Alberto Moreno on Vencedor for stepping on his foot. He points it out and Muniain transforms it.

Atletico 2 – Real Sociedad 2 (1-2)

Entrance from behind Merino to Luis Suárez that prevents him from finishing off. Munuera signals the maximum penalty. Luis Suárez transforms it.

Alaves 1 – Elche 0 (1-1)

Goal by Carrillo, who was ahead, but the ball bounced off Lejeune. The VAR recommends reviewing the review when considering that this offside should be sanctioned, since it understands that the Alavés player does not try to play the ball. Gil Manzano, after seeing the replay on the scoreboard, decides to cancel it.

Majorca 1 – Seville 1 (1-2)

Ocampos’ goal annulled by the VAR due to a previous handball by Fernando.

Raise 2 – Athletic 2 (1-2)

Lateral center in the Atlético area that hits Lodi’s hand. The VAR warns and González Fuertes signals a penalty. Bardhi transforms it.

Real Madrid 2 – Lightning 1 (1-1)

Kroos’ goal disallowed due to previous offside by Asensio or Vinicius, but the VAR says they were in a legal position and it is granted.

Valencia 3 – Athletic 3 (3-2)

The linesman disallowed Vrslajko’s goal as he was deemed offside, but VAR conceded the goal.

Seville 2 – Alaves 2 (2-1)

The VAR warns of a handball by Ocampos when he was in the barrier during the launch of a free kick. The referee signals a penalty after going through the monitor and Joselu scores.

Valencia 1 – Lightning 1 (0-1)

The referee signals Saveljich’s penalty on Hugo Duro, but the linesman signals offside. The VAR says that he was in a legal position and the penalty is awarded. Soler transforms it.

Athletic 3 – Betis 2 (2-2)

Iñaki Williams’ goal disallowed for offside that ended up being granted by the VAR.

Granada 2- Athletic 1 (1-1)

The linesman cancels Jorge Molina’s goal, but the VAR grants it.

Elche 0- Granada 0 (1-0)

Guido Carrillo’s goal that was annulled at the request of the VAR for committing a foul on Maximiano by snatching the ball from his hands.

Villarreal 2 – Atletico 2 (3-2)

The VAR warns of a Parejo hand with which he helps himself to score a goal. Alberola annuls the goal.

Cadiz 2- Espanyol 2 (3-2)

Negredo’s goal disallowed at the request of the VAR for a foul by Sobrino on Diego López.

Real Madrid 2 – Elche 2 (1-2)

The VAR warns of a handball by Pere MIla inside the area. De Burgos points it out and Modric converts the penalty.

Majorca 2 – Cadiz 1 (1-1)

Ledesma recklessly comes out to get the ball and hits Angel’s head with his knee. The VAR warns Del Cerro and a penalty is awarded. Muriqi transforms it.

Athletic 2 – Espanyol 1 (1-1)

Sancet’s disallowed goal that the VAR validates as he is in a legal position.

Spanish 2-Barcelona 2 (2-3)

Gavi’s goal disallowed for Frenkie de Jong’s previous offside.

Cadiz 1 – Getafe 1 (1-0)

Negredo’s hand in the area warned by the VAR. Alberola points it out and Mayoral transforms it.

Betis 2- Mallorca 1 (1-1)

The VAR warns of a Battaglia handball inside the area. The referee signals the penalty and Willian José converts it.

Getafe 2 – Alaves 2 (2-1)

The linesman annulled Escalante’s goal for offside, but the VAR conceded it.

Elche 1 – Barcelona 2 (1-1)

The VAR warns of a handball by Barragán inside the area and after going through the monitor the referee whistles it. Memphis transforms it.

Getafe 0 – Valencia 0 (1-0)

Mayoral’s goal that was annulled via VAR because he took the ball from a rebound from a clearance that hit him in the arm and he later shot.

Lightning 1 – Seville 1 (1-2)

Rafa Mir’s goal that was annulled, at the request of the VAR, due to a handball by the imminent attacker himself. He accommodates the ball with his arm and scores.

Athletic 1 – Getafe 1 (1-2)

Olivera’s goal that was annulled for offside after the VAR notice.

Alaves 2- Granada 3 (2-2)

The VAR granted a phantom goal by Puertas.

Celtic 1 – Real Madrid 2 (2-2)

Galhardo’s goal disallowed due to an offside interference by Aspas on Alaba.

Athletic 2 – Elche 1 (1-1)

The VAR validates Berenguer’s goal, which had been annulled for non-existent offside.

Grenade 2 – Lightning 2 (1-2)

The VAR called the referee for a handball by Mario Suárez. Hernández Hernández signals a penalty and Luis Milla transforms it.

Cadiz 1 – Betis 2 (1-1)

The VAR warned of a penalty from Alcaraz on Borja Iglesias. After seeing it on the monitor, the referee signals the maximum penalty. Borja Iglesias transforms it.

Villarreal 1 – Athletic 1 (1-0)

The linesman annulled Raúl García’s goal, but the VAR conceded it.

Athletic 2 – Espanyol 1 (1-1)

Hand of Raúl de Tomás that warns the VAR and that the referee signals a penalty.

Majorca 2- Alaves 1 (2-2)

The referee, after seeing the action on the monitor, annulled Lejeune’s goal for a previous handball.

Villarreal 1 – Seville 1 (2-1)

Own goal by Koundé that was annulled at the request of the VAR for interference offside.

Atletico 1 – Real Madrid 0 (0-0)

The VAR warns of a Vallejo stomp on Cunha. The referee points it out. Carrasco transforms it.

Atletico 1 – Real Madrid 0 (0-0)

The VAR warns of a Vallejo stomp on Cunha. The referee points it out. Carrasco transforms it.


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