This is the house where Niurka and Juan Vidal are filled with kisses and give free rein to their love

This is the house where Niurka and Juan Vidal are filled with kisses and give free rein to their love

When everything seemed to indicate that the relationship between Niurka Y John Vidal would come to an end with his departure from ‘The House of Celebrities 2’the reality is very different, because both are currently enjoying their love in the house that the Caribbean woman has in Mérida, in the Mexican state of Yucatán.

Through a series of videos and photographs, the Cuban has shown how well they are having a good time together, since not only did he fill the Dominican with kisses, cuddling and touchingbut also already thoroughly enjoyed the mariachis that took him to the door of his home.

“Thank you for my mariachi,” Niurka wrote in a video that showed her very happy dancing to the rhythm of the music, while looking at Juan Vidal with eyes of love.


Thanks to that video, which was recorded in the terrace area, we were able to contemplate the garden and the pool in detail, which, surely, is the best ally of the Cuban during the hot season.

In another of her materials, Romina and Emilio’s mother allowed us to see the garage area, the hall, the kitchen, the dining room, the dining room, the bar and the living room, while she left the bedroom for a better occasion.


Her garage, which is accessed through an electric gate, is not only used by Niurka to park her vehicles, but she also uses it for some of her plants and flowers.


The kitchen is semi-open and somewhat spacious. It is equipped with beige and silver cabinets, stainless steel appliances and a bar that is used by the Caribbean woman to prepare the most exquisite dishes.

dining room

Just off the kitchen is the dining area. It is made up of a square table, four wooden chairs with off-white seats and some ceramic plates.

Dinning room

Its dining room is made up of a marble table with a very original design and nine off-white chairs.

The room is completed by a carver for your crockery, mirrors, a painting and various decorative items.


In the bar area, Niurka has bottles of the most diverse labels, a table for four people, a painting of her as God brought her into the world, the skull of an animal and various mirrors.

Living room

The room, which he showed us out of the corner of his eye in the video, has dark-colored sofas, with wine-colored cushions and curtains, with various paintings, as well as their respective coffee and side tables.


He did not show off the bedrooms on this occasion either, but he did in December 2020, a few days after his move.

Its bedrooms are equipped with large beds and various pieces of furniture in chocolate tones, such as the headboard, the side tables, the chest of drawers, the rocking chair, the curtains, the fans and even the doors.

This is the house where Niurka and Juan Vidal are filled with kisses and give free rein to their love
This is how the bedrooms of Niurka’s residence in Mérida are (Niurka / Instagram)


The Havana-born woman has also shown us her gym, where she has all kinds of exercise equipment, a wall-mounted television screen, a full-length mirror, as well as various photographs of her showing off her toned figure in a bikini or on top.

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