This is the mansion in Mazatlán of Alan Ramírez, the talented vocalist of Banda MS

This is the mansion in Mazatlán of Alan Ramírez, the talented vocalist of Banda MS

Alan Ramírez, from Banda MS, lives very well in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Alan Ramírez, from Banda MS, lives very well in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Although he is not a regular on social networks, that has not been an impediment for him to Alan Ramirezone of the vocalists of the MS bandhas shared with his followers some details of the very beautiful mansion that he owns in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

Contrary to what happened with other representatives of the Mexican region, who love to show off their fortune and their luxuries, Alan prefers to keep a low profile and without much ostentation, only having shown his residence at the concerts he gave at home to the delight of his loyal fans during the most critical stage of the pandemic.

The first time he showed off his home was during the concert he gave, in the company of Oswaldo Silvas and Gerson León, from the comfort of their piano room.

Thanks to this material we were able to see the lobby, the dining room, the piano room and the staircase that connects to the second floor.


Her lobby, which is where she kept her sanitization kit, has a small living room, a coffee table, a plant, and a huge painting that gives that little corner a unique touch.

Dining room

Its dining room, which overlooks the garden area, is made up of a rectangular wooden table with space for 10 gray chairs.

In addition to being very well lit thanks to a window, it is also well lit due to its different lamps with a very original design.

piano room

The piano room, located just to one side of the lobby and under the staircase that connects to the second floor, has a piano, an individual armchair, a rug in which dark tones predominate, as well as a small table where he usually puts various drinks for his hydration.


On another occasion, while performing the song ‘Eso y Más’ by the great Joan Sebastian, Alan showed us his bar.

Its bar is made up of a marble bar with two parakeet-style chairs, as well as a canteen where it has a wide collection of decorative items and bottles, with the mezcal ones stealing the spotlight. He also has a framed Mexican soccer team jersey.

In a later video, in which he already had the participation of all the members of his successful group, Alan showed us his games room, his television room and even his backyard.

Game room

The games room is equipped with a pool table with a red cloth, so it would not be surprising that Alan and the rest of the MS Band members spend hours of fun and gambling there.

Television room

The TV room is made up of a gray sofa, a wall-mounted television and various wooden furniture.

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