This is the new Ferrari Daytona SP3, a V12 beast

This is the new Ferrari Daytona SP3, a V12 beast

A few minutes ago, Ferrari presented us the new Ferrari Daytona SP3, a model that comes like the rebirth of a story.

In the 24 Hours of Daytona that were held on February 6, 1967, Ferrari achieved one of the greatest feats of its sporting career, placing three cars on the podium in the first race of the World Championship of Sports Prototypes of that year.

The 330 P3 / 4, 330 P4 and 412P executed a triumphant ride to the checkered flag at the home of their historic Ford rivals. Each of them was the result of different evolutions of the 330 P3, a model that the team led by the engineer Mauro Forghieri managed to significantly improve each of them in each of the three axes of any competition car: engine, chassis and aerodynamics.

The Daytona SP3 winks at that legendary hat-trick with the clear intention of paying tribute to the Ferrari Sports Prototypes that helped make the brand part of the motorsport legend.

This is the new Ferrari Daytona SP3, a V12 beast

The limited edition model presented today at the Mugello international circuit features sensual surfaces, alternating with incisive lines that evoke the growing relevance of aerodynamics in the design of racing cars of the time such as the 330 P4, the 350 Can-Am and the 512 S.

The Daytona SP3 is inspired by equipping a ‘Targa’ body with a removable hardtop.

The model is equipped with a naturally aspirated V12 engine in central-rear position, architecture typical of racing cars. This version develops 840 horsepower, which makes it the most powerful Ferrari produced so far, 697 Nm of torque and a maximum revolution of 9500 rpm.

The engine has a 65 ° V between its cylinder banks and retains the 6.5-liter capacity of its predecessor, the F140HB, which dazzles in the 812 Competizione from which it inherits its updates.

This is the new Ferrari Daytona SP3, a V12 beast

The chassis is made of composite materials using Formula 1 technologies that have not been seen on road Ferraris since the LaFerrari.

Thanks to unique innovations, the Daytona SP3 is the most aerodynamically efficient car ever built by Ferrari without resorting to active aerodynamic devices.

Thanks to the clever integration of these technical solutions, the car can Accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 2.85 seconds and from zero to 200 km / h in just 7.4 seconds.

The cockpit with the wraparound windscreen of the Daytona SP3 takes on the appearance of a dome set in a sensual sculpture whose equally sinuous fenders emerge decisively.

This is the new Ferrari Daytona SP3, a V12 beast

The smooth double-ridge fenders refer to the plasticity of other Ferrari Sports Prototypes such as the 512 S or the 312 P. Another key element is the wing-opening door that, thanks to the integrated air box, channels the air towards the rear. side radiators. The mirrors are located in a forward position with respect to the doors, in another clear reference to the Sports prototypes of the 60s. The front of the Daytona SP3 is dominated by two powerful fenders divided into an external and an internal section.

The bumper features a generous central grille, framed by two pillars on which stand out horizontal slats delimited by the outer edge of the bumper. The headlights are characterized by a movable cover reminiscent of the typical retractable headlights of old supercars. The rear highlights the volumetric power of the fender thanks to the use of a two-section element and is adorned with an aerodynamic pocket that increases the three-dimensional effect.

Even for the interior, the Daytona SP3 draws inspiration from Ferraris such as the 330 P3 / P4, the 312 P, and the 350 Can-Am. Starting with the high-performance chassis, a carefully refined environment has been designed.

The interior of the Daytona SP3 aims to ensure a comfortable driving environment for both the driver and passenger by relying on the styling cues typical of racing cars.

This is the new Ferrari Daytona SP3, a V12 beast

The dash follows the same philosophy, where the structure of the Daytona SP3 implies that the trim extends all the way to the taillights, hugging the entire area that connects to the windshield. The thin, taut dash seems to almost float inside the upholstery.

The seats are integrated into the chassis and therefore have the ergonomic wraparound design typical of high-performance cars, but also the kind of meticulous detail that sets them apart.

This is the new Ferrari Daytona SP3, a V12 beast

The Daytona SP3’s steering wheel features the same human-machine interface (HMI) already seen on the SF90 Stradale, Ferrari Roma, SF90 Spider and 296 GTB, continuing Ferrari’s philosophy of ‘hands on the wheel, eyes on the road ». Touch controls mean that drivers can control 80% of the Daytona SP3’s functions without taking their hands off the wheel, while a 16 ″ curved HD display Instantly transmits all information related to driving.



Type V12 – 65 °

Total displacement 6496 cm3

Bore and stroke 94mm x 78mm

Maximum power * 618kW (840 hp) at 9250rpm.

Maximum torque * 697 Nm at 7250 rpm.

Maximum speed 9500rpm.

Compression Ratio 13.6: 1


Length 4686 mm

Width 2050 mm

Height 1142 mm

Wheelbase 2651 mm

Front axle 1692 mm

Rear axle 1631 mm

Dry weight 1485 kg

Weight / power ratio 1.77 kg / cv

Distribution of pesos 44% of. / 56% after.

86 liter fuel tank


Front 265/30 ZR 20 J9.0

Rear 345/30 ZR 21 J12.5


Front 398 x 223 x36 mm

Rear 380 x 253 x 34 mm


F1 dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox


ESC; High-performance ABS / EBD; F1-Trac; e-Diff3.0; SCM-Frs; SSC (Side Slip Control) 6.1


Maximum speed> 340 km / h

0-100 km / h 2.85 s

0-200 km / h 7.4 s

Source | Ferrari

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