This is the new Honda StepWGN 2022 for Japan

This is the new Honda StepWGN 2022 for Japan

The Honda StepWGN is one of the most important vehicles by sales volume of the Japanese manufacturer. It is marketed mainly in its domestic market but also reaches other Asian countries, achieving a very interesting penetration within its segment.

To maintain the high sales, the firm has presented the renewal of the vehicle taking out the more dynamic side, something that seems to appeal to younger families. Of course the company has not forgotten the versatility of its interior with capacity for six, seven or eight passengers.

Honda StepWGN

Although Honda has not yet communicated the offer of engines, it has advanced that e: HEV hybrid technology debuts. We assume that the mechanics will be similar to that used by the CR-V and that it stands out for its good ride and adjusted consumption.

The brand has also taken the opportunity to make a deep renovation of the cabin, including a new digital instrumentation with 10.25 inches, a multimedia equipment with an 11.4-inch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto without cables, and all the connectivity expected in a current car.

This is the new Honda StepWGN 2022 for Japan

Of course they also have Automatic LED headlights, rain sensor, alert and unintentional lane assist, signal reader, overhead view camera, power sliding doors, automatic tailgate, etc. The bad thing as always is that we will not be able to see it on European soil and it is a shame now that the MPVs are conspicuous by their absence.

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