this is the price of this Apple computer

Apple 1

A Genuine Apple 1, model released in 1976, well before the Macs we know today, has just been put online on eBay. The announcement mentions a machine in perfect working order, as there is very little left in the world to believe the latest censuses on this subject. The design is signed by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne.

Displayed at 1.5 million dollars, the computer is therefore sold at auction. It will still be delivered with a screen made by the Japanese Sony, and with its keyboard embedded in the original wooden case. There is also the historic Apple logo, apple-shaped and colored as it had been designed before its current gray version. Of course, for spinning, the power cable is also included. Surprisingly to notice that this is an identical sheet to those still marketed today.

More and more popular items

Older Apple items (and prototypes) have over time become rare gems for collectors around the world. A success that also concerns much more recent models, such as connected watches Watch.

Even mobiles are entitled to it. So a iPhone from the very first series in the range had exceeded 10,000 euros a few years earlier.

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