This is what Mariazel looked like before being shot in the face

This is what Mariazel looked like before being shot in the face

One of the topics that has attracted the most attention on social networks in recent days has been the leaking of some photographs that show what the beloved driver Mariazel looked like before being shot in the face. Now it was the same famous who revealed everything about it.

During an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, where the former member of “I fall laughing” reported that everything happened when she was studying at the TV Azteca Actoral Training Center and was going to a beauty salon, later she was intercepted by two men armed, who had the intention of kidnapping her, so she struggled with one of them and was shot in the face, which put her on the verge of death.

“I heard the shot, I smelled gunpowder but I was still conscious, that was at 11, in broad daylight, I picked up my things and when I sit behind my ear I feel the tip of the bullet, I start asking for help and I saw a lot people, suddenly a man stops and grabs me as if I were his daughter and his name was Ángel, he starts talking to me and takes charge of the whole situation, he helped me talk to my dad and said take her, they took me in the patrol because the ambulance did not arrive and he said ‘I’m going with her’, he took responsibility and until he left me on the stretcher with my dad he left”, Mariazel recalled through tears.

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