This Mac application allows you to visit the very first Apple Store


If we necessarily talk about it less than the App Store for iPhone or iPad, the Mac App Store has many applications of all kinds. But it is also possible to install applications that do not come from it, unlike the iPhone and iPad.

A little news has just made a name for itself when it comes to “The Apple Store Time Machine”. As its name suggests, the application allows you to travel through time and return to the beginnings of the Apple Store. The application offers in particular to visit four iconic sites of the apple brand on the day of their opening.

Created by Michael Steeber, an enthusiast of the Cupertino company, the application allows us to “celebrate places and products that have shaped our lives for more than twenty years”, he explained. “This interactive experience recreates memorable moments from Apple’s history with painstaking detail and historical accuracy. »

“The Apple Store Time Machine” app is only available on the Mac App Store and works for products with an Apple Silicon chip as well as some devices with Intel chips. Free and accessible, the application is only paid for with donations made on the project’s website, available at this address.

the apple store time machine

The Apple Store at Tysons Corner in 2001 © The Apple Store Time Machine

Four Apple Stores to step into the past

Within the application, it is therefore possible to have an overview of four different Apple Stores. The first is that of Tysons Corner in Virginia when it opened in 2001. The second is that of Stanford Shopping Center, in California. You can visit it in 2004 and already see many changes.

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It is then possible to see the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York (in 2006) as well as that of the Infinite Loop in California in 2015. The latter is very different from the others, seen as more recent by almost 10 years . In each of the stores it is possible to find easter eggs hidden by Michael Steeber.

It is thus possible to review old Apple advertisements for iPhones or Macs or to have access to iconic Mac applications such as GarageBand or Photo Booth.

To download “The Apple Store Time Machine” you can click on this link.

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