This malware works even when your iPhone is turned off

This malware works even when your iPhone is turned off

Generally, iPhones have a very good reputation when it comes to security. It is true that Apple customers really have nothing to complain about from this point of view. However, no system is infallible and this is precisely what researchers from the Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany wanted to demonstrate.

Scientists have thus created malicious software capable of operating even if… your iPhone is turned off. This statement may come as a surprise because we imagine that by turning off your phone, it is completely safe.

A hack carried out in a very particular situation

Concretely, the authors discovered a flaw in the new low consumption mode launched by Apple in 2018 on its iPhone Xr and Xs models. In particular, it allows the Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth chips to work even if the rest of the device is off.

This gives access to features such as location via Find My, or Express Cards and Car Key. In theory, this is therefore a very good thing, but it still seems to pose a security problem, according to the researchers.

It should be noted, however, that the latter managed to introduce their malware under very specific conditions. The phone was thus “jailbroken” so that it could install applications not validated by the Cupertino company. The Tech giant has also been made aware and there is no doubt that its teams will study this research closely.

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In the meantime, scientists recommend the apple brand ” add a hardware switch to disconnect the battery “, in order to improve “ the situation for privacy-conscious users and surveillance targets like journalists. »

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