This museum dedicated to Apple will open its doors in Europe

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It’s a space that could become essential for all Apple fans in Europe. An unofficial Apple museum will open its doors this April in Warsaw. Located within the Norblin factory in the capital, the latter will house a very large collection that will immerse visitors in the history of the Tech giant.

46 years of Apple history gathered in one space

According to 9to5mac, no less than 1,600 objects will be exhibited, and all will be subject to periodic rotation. On the menu, the Apple 1, the Macintosh 128K, the 20th anniversary Macintosh and the iMac G3, or even the replica of the Apple 1 signed by the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.

Very heavy therefore, and what better to understand the sometimes tortuous development of a company today very prosperous. The place also includes a large number of multimedia supports, 100 hours of video, in short, there will be plenty to do for all those who are interested in this subject.

No launch date has yet been announced but there is no doubt that the initiators of this project will soon communicate. In the meantime, it is possible to watch this short presentation video.

This museum is reminiscent of another initiative that we told you about last year. Also in Eastern Europe and more specifically in kyiv, the MacPaw Museum opened its doors. It features the developer of the Setapp plan and CleanMyMac X. It is thus -it seems- in the premises of the publisher that the place has been arranged, highlighting various collectibles relating to the Cupertino universe.

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