This Porsche 356A has been transformed with skis and tracks

This Porsche 356A has been transformed with skis and tracks

It takes a lot more than skis to traverse the ice of Antarctica, especially if you drive a classic car like the 1956 Porsche 356A. A senior chassis design engineer named Kieron Bradley has spent the last 18 months restructuring the classic Valkyrie Racing vehicle. Project 356 World Rally is both an expedition and a humanitarian effort, and the December 2021 challenge completes the effort of a woman, a car and a global mission to end child trafficking.

The racer and philanthropist behind the wheel wants to end human trafficking.

She chose to travel more than 32,000 km on the seven continents, mainly while participating in world-renowned endurance rallies such as the Beijing to Paris rally and the East Africa safari.

Porsche 356a

Renee and her car will race in Antarctica during a time when days have 24 hours of light, something that has allowed them to adapt by eliminating lights, frame, fire extinguishers and wheels.

The trainers ruled out the use of any tire and proposed the combination of front skis and rear tracks, increasing flotation by up to 300 percent compared to 4 × 4 Antarctic support vehicles with 42 ”tires.

Porsche 356A engine

The preparation will feature a double-sided solar panel, twin solar panels to produce a minimum of 150W, a TIG welded roll cage, a track bearing system with Dupont Krytox grease for low temperatures, a 12V low temperature compressor, a 4 ton bag jack to lift the vehicle in soft snow, a rear winch, a temperature gauge for early detection of gearbox overheating, a compartment accessible from the cab to get to the survival zone, where it is Find the water and communication equipment.

Source | RaceValkyrie

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