This said Juan Soler about his relationship with Maky two years after their divorce

Esto dijo Juan Soler sobre su relación con Maky a dos años de su divorcio

Living in the present, without worrying about the past or the future, is the secret to maintaining a full life.

This was stated by the actor Juan Soler, who almost two years after separating from Maki Moguilevsky, with whom he lasted 15 years of marriage, today he has a loving friendship with her, for the sake of his daughters Azul and Mía.

I am very proud of Maki, who is a great mom to our daughters; I have a family full of blessings and I am very grateful for that“, Said Soler in an interview.

“One of the things I practice is that there is no ‘would’ and there is no ‘there will be’. That is working for me in a sensational way, you do not turn to the past to recreate it and solve it and you do not obsess about the future, but you dedicate yourself to what you are going to do every day ”.

Having stayed at home for a few months due to the pandemic, made the Argentine discover some qualities of his daughters, aged 13 and 15, and even his ex-wife.

“(This confinement) It was a great moment to really find out. They reaffirmed that I did know them a lot because I am always close, aware of their life, so we discussed certain topics in depth.

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“I am proud to say that I have very mature daughters on issues that are quite controversial and they handle it very well. I discovered that they are girls who are maturing according to their age, “she said.

Regarding the health of Mía, her eldest daughter, who was born with a rare condition called situs inversus totalis (her organs are inverted, like a mirror), Soler said that she is very, very well.

“This condition does not bring any consequences, but she always has to carry identification because one day, God forbid, something happens, the doctors have to know that she has the heart on the other side, all her organs are turned upside down.

It is not a problem, it does not cause any inconvenience in your life. She is a totally healthy girl“.

BY: Froylan Escobar


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