This site was providing private betas of iOS 16, macOS Ventura… it just closed


Downloading developer betas of the latest Apple operating systems is not without risk, and the first versions of these are only accessible to certain people. If the Cupertino company recently reminded that it does not recommend the installation of betas on devices used every day, the attraction of novelty often gets the better of Apple’s recommendations.

In order to have access to the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS or macOS, several disreputable sites also offer to download these updates for free, at the risk of the user. While obviously this practice raises major questions about the security of the data of people who download, after all they don’t really know what they are putting on their computer or phoning, it also raises questions about the free access of these beta.

Betas (normally) paid

While Apple’s largest beta download site has been enjoying its heyday in recent weeks, especially since WWDC and the arrival of iOS 16, now the latter has just closed, fearing lawsuits legal from Apple.

Because if the danger is present for people who venture on such actions, things are not all rosy on the side of the Apple either. Indeed, it is necessary to benefit from a developer profile to be able to have access to the first versions of the betas of iOS and macOS.

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The creation of this account being paid, Apple does not really accept that pirate sites sit on the flowerbeds of the Apple brand. With a cost of $99 per year, the Developer Profile is an extremely reliable cash inflow for Apple that varies very little (or upwards) over time.

Beta Profile closes, for fear of Apple

As for Beta Profile, the most popular site for illegal downloading of Apple updates, it was in a message on Twitter that the latter announced that it was going to close its doors. Not wanting to enter into a “legal confrontation” with Apple, this closure looks like an ultimatum given by the Cupertino company to put an end to its actions.

For the impatient, it is in any case possible to download the (public) betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. The latter are likely to still harbor several bugs, in particular for the operating systems for iPad and Mac which should not be entitled to their final version until October.

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