This Steve Jobs Business Card Will Be Auctioned

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It’s been a little over ten years since Steve Jobs passed away. The anniversary of his death last year provided an opportunity for Apple and all those who have not forgotten him to pay tribute to him. In fact, a real cult surrounds the former leader and the slightest object attached to him is torn off when it is sold.

We have just learned that a business card that belonged to the co-founder of Apple will be auctioned off. It dates from the time when the latter officiated as vice-president of operations for the Cupertino company.

Prices of Steve Jobs-related items are skyrocketing

It was in 1978 or 1979 according to its current owner Alfred DiBlasi, and it was then Michael Scott (nothing to do with the series The Office), who was at the head of the apple brand at the time when Steve Jobs was only 21 years old.

Quoted by CultofmacAlfred DiBlasi explains the conditions in which he recovered this object: In 1980, I worked at the Berliner Computer Center, an authorized Apple dealer with offices in Great Neck and New Hyde Park, New York. One afternoon at the Great Neck office, a customer gave me this Steve Jobs business card, saying it might have some value in the future. “.

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The auctions will begin around mid-February and end on March 17. If we still don’t know the starting price, it could well fly away, we know that a business card that belonged to Steve Jobs sold for nearly 13,000 euros last year.

Other documents linked to the former boss of Apple can also reach staggering prices, like this job application which was sold for 343,000 dollars in 2021.

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