This Toyota Supra Drifts autonomously in the name of science and safety

This Toyota Supra Drifts autonomously in the name of science and safety

From the departments of Research and Development of car brands they do not cease to amaze us.

The last to do so have been Toyota engineers and it is thanks to Toyota Research Institute we have met a Toyota Supra that drifts autonomously.

Drawing inspiration from the skills of professional drift pilots, the research seeks to combine vehicle automation technology with artificial intelligence algorithms to make cars drift autonomously.

Researchers at the Toyota Research Institute are working with Stanford’s Dynamic Design Laboratory to make this vision a reality.

Engineers are investigating how to combine the professional driver instincts and automated driving technology. Its goal is to design a new level of active safety technology and share it widely so that Toyota and other automakers can implement it on the road.

According to Toyota, each year car accidents account for around 1.25 million deaths worldwide. Toyota’s goal is to reduce that number to zero.

While most accidents occur in everyday situations, in other situations drivers may need to perform maneuvers that sometimes exceed normal driving limits. When faced with wet or slippery roads, for example, professional drivers may choose to ‘drift’ the car around a curve, in case it is necessary to stay off the road or because the terrain is more slippery than expected.

Well, here is the Supra capable of Drifting in the name of science, to try to achieve a more secure future.

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