This ultra-popular iPhone is almost no longer supported

iPhone 6s

Apple just added the iPhone 6 to its list of products obsolete. A usual classification which is actually triggered when a device has been withdrawn from sale more than five years ago, and which lasts for two years. During this period, it is still possible to obtain assistance from the Apple Store or from authorized repairers, however the availability of spare parts is not guaranteed.

Subcontractors no longer manufacture as many components, as demand is relatively low anyway. Of course it is always possible to find these articles yourself online, but remember that Apple does not really appreciate repairs House.

An iconic iPhone

Released in September 2014, the iPhone 6 was the very first to adopt a real “big” screen of 4.7 inches but also the famous design with rounded corners which will persist until the iPhone 11 range. Several storage capacities were offered, from 16 GB and up to 128 GB. At the time, not yet easy recognition but Touch ID was already working very well on the home button.

The iPhone 6 was powered by an Apple A8 chip paired with 1 GB RAMwhere the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro go from 4 to 6 GB with always a proprietary processor, obviously more powerful.

Watch out for updates

In any case, if you are still using your iPhone 6, be careful: as it is not compatible with iOS 15, you will not benefit from the latest advances offered by Apple in terms of security. However, we know that flaws are regularly identified in the source code of the operating system of the Apple brand.

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To remedy this, you can always turn to the exchange program offered by Apple. This allows you to buy back your old mobile for a certain cost depending on its condition and the model in question, thus lowering the selling price of the new one.

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