This was Camila Fernández’s wedding: “El Potrillo” sang to the bride and groom

Así fue la boda de Camila Fernández: “El Potrillo” cantó a los novios

Camila Fernandez surprised all of Mexico by marrying his 22 years with Francisco Barba Casillas, with whom he only had nine months of dating.

In a pompous and striking ceremony at the San Francisco Xavier de las Colinas parish in Guadalajara, the link was made.

Friends, family and celebrities attended the reception. In fact, the father of the bride, Alejandro Fernández, time was given to sing to the bride and groom.

On the arm of her father, “El Potrillo”, who was happy and wore a charro dress, the also singer walked with him to the church altar.

Few people attended the ceremony, held at 6:00 p.m., of course, most of them the relatives of the couple and some very close friends.

Although the absent at the event was Chente, since the dynasty chose to take care of his health and not expose him to the coronavirus outbreak.

Doña Cuquita, wife of the icon of Mexican music, did go and like the Alejandro, she was happy.
The groom, Francisco Barba, 28, from a Charro family, arrived at the parish on horseback.

Most of the guests at the religious rite, except the bride, wore face masks as the main measure of sanitation.

Photo: Agencia Reforma

At the end of the wedding, “El Potrillo” left through an alternate door of the parish to avoid being approached by the press.
After the religious union, an intimate and meaningful reception would take place to celebrate the union of the new spouses.

The news of the wedding surprised the dynasty headed by “El Charro de Huentitán”, however, the young woman had already given signs of how in love and happy she felt with her partner.

This was Camila Fernández's wedding: “El Potrillo” sang to the bride and groom
Photo: Agencia Reforma

In recent interviews, the young woman admitted that Barba was the first formal boyfriend she had, and related that they met at a dinner specially planned for them by relatives.

Camila Fernández is one of the five children that “El Potrillo” has. She was born from the first marriage, with América Guinart, with whom she also had Alex “El Heredero” and América, Camila’s twin.

This was Camila Fernández's wedding: “El Potrillo” sang to the bride and groom
Photo: Agencia Reforma

Alejandro Fernández left the shelter on the beach where he was with some of his children, to be part of this special day.

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