This was the first presentation of Ángela Aguilar without her father

This was the first presentation of Ángela Aguilar without her father

Angela Aguilar at 16 she is already an artist, with the help of her famous father Pepe Aguilar She has managed to become a very talented singer who already dominates every stage she steps on. However, there is always a first time for everything and this is what the young woman experienced when he had to give his first solo presentation.

And is that the beautiful singer is used to sharing the stage with her dad, who fills her with confidence, so when it was her turn to shine on her own, she felt what artists go through: nerves. It only happened in February 2019, the interpreter of then 15 years old went to the state of Guanajuato in Mexico to give her first concert and through her personal blog she shared the experience.

The concert was held in front of a smaller audience than the father and daughter are used to, however it was not less incredible, because Angela managed to please each of the attendees with her voice. For his part, his father was extremely moved because when it was the girl’s turn to perform one of the songs that both do duet, he confessed that it hurt to think that someday he won’t be around to sing it with her again.

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Although the singer was relaxed and with her friendly attitude, she did not avoid feel nervous before going up and she assured the camera that it was curious that when she was accompanied by her father, she did not feel the same nerves.

In spite of everything the presentation was a success and the young woman showed that she is ready to start her solo career the day that Pepe Aguilar wants to take an artistic retreat, which his fans hope will not be soon.

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