This was the house in Acapulco where Mario Marín, former governor of Puebla, was hiding

Así era la casa de Acapulco donde se escondía Mario Marín, exgobernador de Puebla

The afternoon of Wednesday February 3, 2021 was detained Mario Marín, former governor of Puebla, who is accused of torture journalist Lydia Cacho.

His seizure was carried out inside a house located in the city of Acapulco, in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

According to reports from various Mexican media, ‘The Precious Governor’, as he was also known, was hiding in the number 22 of the street Citlaltépec, in the Cumbres de Figueroa neighborhood, about five minutes from the Costera Miguel Alemán.

The area that Mario Marín chose to hide is considered with high levels of insecurity and humble character, however, his property stood out from the rest of the houses that are there.

This is how the house where Mario Marín was hiding looked from the outside.

The three-story residence with a white facade and blue railings, has six parking spaces, balconies and even a swimming pool.

According to the testimony of some neighbors, the house was similar to the others in the area, however, it was enlarged and some drastic changes were made, which coincided with the period in which Mario Marín governed the entity.

The colony is located on a hill, so from there you have very beautiful views of the Bay of Santa Lucia.

The house belongs to the teacher Alicia marin, his sister, who is remembered for having taught at Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Elementary.

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