This was the romance of Irina Baeva and Emmanuel Palomares, before Gabriel Soto

Así fue el romance de Irina Baeva y Emmanuel Palomares, antes de Gabriel Soto

Recently Irina Baeva he was sincere like never before in an interview where in addition to speaking on the controversial beginning of her relationship with Gabriel Soto He also touched on issues from his past that at the time gave us something to talk about. One of them was his relationship with Emmanuel Palomares, the Venezuelan actor with whom she had a romantic relationship. Here we tell you how his story was

They started their romance in 2015, after being great friends at the Televisa Art Education Center. Since neither of them had a family in the country, they spent a lot of time together; he is originally from Venezuela and she is from Russia.

For a year they remained very much in love but it all ended almost two years later, at the end of 2016 rumors were already being heard that they were no longer followed on social networks and in early 2017 they made their separation official. At that time there was a strong rumor that the actress was related to the producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro however the producer flatly denied it.

Emmanuel assured in an interview with First hand that “They were focused on their careers” and he had decided to dedicate each one to his own, in addition to denying that it had been a third person to blame. For her part, Irina did not comment on the matter and he decided to erase all traces of his relationship with her from his social networks.

It was that same year that he starred in the telenovela Love came, next to Gabriel Soto and where many speculate that began to approach to the actor. In December, the first rumors began to appear that Irina had been the cause of the separation of Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán which occurred in November.

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At four years old, Irina talks about her break with Palomares, he responds

It was on February 1 that the actress recalled the relationship she had with the Venezuelan and could not avoid burst into tears. Irina said that she loved him so much but he had decided to break up with her. “I never understood why we broke up and I loved him very much, the truth was a very beautiful relationship,” he told the program Yordi Pink.

Baeva added that she always fought for the relationship, tried to give her surprises and tried to get back what they had lost, but eventually he told her that even though he loved her, I didn’t want to be with her anymore.

To these statements Emmanuel responded with an interview to People in spanish where he assured that Irina was always clear about the reason for her decision: “Once she neglected our relationship, I understood that after almost three years together, it was time to continue growing each one in separate ways,” he said.

After the breakup with Palomares, it didn’t take long for the actress to establish a friendly relationship with Soto, which eventually evolved into something else.

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