This was the scandalous love story between Ana Bárbara and El Pirru

Ana Barbara

In 2005 Ana Barbara got into one of the biggest scandals she has faced throughout her career, a few months after the death of the actress Mariana Levy started an affair with José María Fernández “El Pirru”, the ex-husband of the deceased. Today we tell you how this story was.

On April 20 of that year, the actress lost her life after being mugged in Mexico CityShe and El Pirru had five years of marriage and two children: Paula, 3 years old, and José Emilio, 9 months old. Three months after the tragic incident, the interpreter of “Bandido” and Levy’s widower was very romantic.

In August they confirmed their romance after rumors intensified and criticism rained down on the singer. The businessman assured that since July they were in a relationshipHowever, this did not mean that he did not love Mariana because “the duel would be with him forever.”

At first, the singer was seen as “a villain” in the eyes of the media, as everyone questioned their relationship, however over time got closer and closer to the children of José María who eventually began to say “mommy”.

Ana Bárbara and the businessman were always respectful At the memory of Mariana Levy, even a year after her death they made her a mass, something that was also harshly criticized by many. Soon after this, the couple’s first child would be born: José María Fernández Ugalde.

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This was the scandalous love story between Ana Bárbara and El Pirru

Peace came for the couple for a few years, however, in 2011, they divorced after six years of marriage. The singer did not cut a relationship with Levy’s children because she always wanted them as her own and currently they have a beautiful relationship.

The truth is that over the years Ana Bárbara managed to demonstrate that she was not the bad one in any story and that she always respected the memory of the actress, in addition to having a lot of love to give to the little José Emilio and Paula.

This was the scandalous love story between Ana Bárbara and El Pirru

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