This was the story between Jenni Rivera, Chiquis and Esteban Loaiza

This was the story between Jenni Rivera, Chiquis and Esteban Loaiza

The rumors of a love triangle between mother, husband and daughter unleashed a great scandal in their time

The last great scandal you faced Jenni Rivera Before his death he was the one who romantically related to his daughter, Chiquis Rivera and her ex-husband, Esteban Loaiza. A story full of versions that own Chiquis was already in charge of denying, but that until today has given much to talk about.

It all started in October 2012, when Jenni announced that she was divorcing the baseball playerAlthough the Diva de la Banda assured that “it was a divorce like any other”, the truth is that this would be the beginning of a great scandal. A month later Maxine Woodside reported on her radio show that Chiquis had flirted with Loaiza, which had caused the sadness of the singer, the presenter assured that this happened during a party they attended and Chiquis had drunk too much. The loud buzz to date has haunted Janney.

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Thank you for teaching me to be strong… .to keep my head held high, despite the adversities. Thank you for your hard way of teaching me lessons, it was your way of showing me how much you loved me. Thank you for always saying, “figure it out” when I faced something I didn’t know how to do… because ever since you left that’s been my motto. Thank you for the times you said, “Don’t bitch out, Chiquis!” … “Finish what you start.” …. “You’re not a victim”…. “Don’t feel sorry for yourself.” …. “Get back up, dust your shoulders off, and try again.” …. all those things, have made me into the woman I am today. Thank you! Thank you for teaching me to be a whole ass woman at such a young age. #PowerTeam like in this picture is how I still see us. We know the plan, and I will continue to do my part. 🙏🏻🤍✨ #GodWilling Today I celebrate YOU, and all you continue to be in this world. I’m so proud to be yours. I love and miss you every single day, but what gives me peace is knowing you’re at peace. Happy Birthday momma. Until our eyes meet again #JenniVIVE in my heart forever. # Jenni51

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Chiquis used her social networks to ensure that she had not had a relationship with her stepfather and asked that these rumors be stopped, Jenni also came out in defense of his daughter, however it was said that the late singer he did believe in his daughter’s betrayal. A new element would come to light: a video that verified the relationship between Chiquis and Loaiza.

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La Diva de la Banda got to see the clip; the security camera had captured that Chiquis was with her ex-husband, even the same Rosie Rivera confirmed the existence of the tape, however, as noted during the premiere of the series Neighborhood Butterfly, the tape was never very clear about it.

Shortly before the death of the singer he starred a strong fight at an awards show with Ángel del Villar, then Chiquis’s partner. The tension between mother and daughter increased and they brought the differences to social networks where Chiquis always assured that he had nothing to do with Esteban.

After the singer died, many things were said: some believe that Chiquis and Jenni talked and sorted things out, others say that the singer could not forgive her daughter. Rosie pointed out that she thinks it was not Janney who appeared in the video, For her part, Chiquis has maintained her firm stance and despite the fact that it is an issue that has haunted her since then, she has not let her career cloud over it. In the end the true story is only known by Chiquis, Jenni and Esteban.

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