Three new desktop computers (Mac Studio) in nature

Mac Studio

A few months ago, Apple introduced us to a brand new computer: the Mac Studio. A sort of much thicker Mac mini, this machine is one of the most powerful offered by the Californian manufacturer but takes the form of a simple central unit. Without screen therefore, the Pro Display XDR being apparently the most suitable monitor to connect to it.

The customization possibilities of this model leave you the choice between several processors, from 32 to 128 GB of RAM and from 512 GB to 8 TB of SSD disk space. But soon we may be entitled to more. Indeed, a French-speaking developer succeeded in unearthing Apple-signed source code (whose exact origin is not specified) and which seems to mention three new Mac Studio…

From a reliable source

Internally at Apple, the current Mac Studio is sometimes named by a serial number. For the model equipped with a M1 Max processorthis code is Mac13.1. As for the one running with the M1 Ultra, it’s Mac13.2 which was assigned to him. Pierre Blazquez, who shared his find on his Twitter account, claims to have spotted three other articles:

Which are they? No one knows, because Apple does not react to this kind of discovery. But the information would in fact come from software made available to the public by the firm itself and this several months upstream. Surprising therefore that no one noticed anything earlier, but at least the pledge of credibility that one could expect from such a leak is there.

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With M2x chip?

When the 2022 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air arrived, Apple emphasized their all-new M2 processor, succeeding the M1. However, the chips offered today in the Mac Studio are even more powerful versions of the latter. There is therefore strong reason to believe that we have here a clue on Mac Studios with M2 Ultra or M2 Max under the hood (to replace the Mac Pro?) but all this can obviously only be verified from the mouth of Cupertino.

In all likelihood, the next keynote will take place around September with the iPhone 14. But in recent years, Apple has multiplied the conferences at last trimestre. Perhaps we will therefore have to wait even longer to find out more about future Mac Studios…

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