Three super powers to transform a woman

Tres súper poderes para transformar a una mujer

This week the most popular and most commented video on my Facebook was one in which I hold a doll whose face, hair and entire body are painted pink. I told the audience: “I am going to immerse this doll in three super powers that will transform it before your eyes.”

So I put the doll in a glass container of water and as it faded and the water turned pink, the doll was no longer visible.

The three “powers” in which I immersed this doll were the same in which I bathed when I went through the hardest moment of my life which was when I suffered from cancer, I was left without a job without savings and on top of that, without breasts . But by “immersing myself” in these powers my life was transformed:

1. Security: When you feel safe, you dare to take risks and important decisions that change your life. Confidence gives you the drive to do things, even when you are afraid.

2. Self-love: When you love yourself you will be lucky in all areas of your life, especially in love relationships. Surely you have heard me say: “Tell me about your level of self-esteem and I will tell you who wants you.” If you love and value yourself, they will respect you, otherwise they will control and humiliate you.

3. Faith: The two previous powers are nothing if you do not have the most important thing which is Faith, this means that you are going to anticipate and expect good things. When you have Faith in God, you are going to wait and anticipate that good situations, great opportunities and loses will come your way. Better results in your life.

When I took the doll out of the water, it came out beautiful, vibrant and full of color, totally transformed as your life will be if you immerse yourself in these three super powers.

And remember a confident woman is not compared to any, from now on before saying “I love you”, learn to say “I love myself”, but above all have faith, because it creates miracles.

And if you need to awaken these three super powers, I invite you to watch the video of the doll on my Facebook page “María Marín Online” and tell me about your transformation.


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