Yamaha Tricity 300: Three wheels Motorcycles for city and highway

Three Wheels Motorcycles

The virtues of three-wheel scooters in poise and stability, along with a motor of sufficient power to be able to leave the city and move on the road. The new Yamaha Tricity 300 shares arguments with other similar models (from Piaggio, Peugeot, and Quadro), but it stands out for its greater dynamic efficiency and also for its overall quality because of its image and finishes bring it closer to the proposals. premium.

The new model is already available from 7,999 euros and, as with its rivals, you can drive with your car license, thanks to its three wheels and tricycle approval. It provides, like the competition, an unquestionable extra safety, especially for those users with a limited motorcycle experience.

This was the first dynamic presentation attended after the confinement, and some 150 kilometers were traveled along the Costa Brava, from the coast to the interior, passing through various towns. And the first conclusion is clear: It transmits very good driving sensations, due to the happy response of the engine and also due to its behavior.

In twisted areas, it is difficult to move it more than a traditional scooter of equivalent size (weighs 239 kilos), but in return, its three wheels provide more overall poise, greater braking capacity, and much higher safety against unforeseen events that occur in the middle of a curve (with the motorcycle tilted) or on wet or wet asphalt: you can brake fully without risk of falling. On the other hand, it has a higher weight and also at a higher price.

Yamaha Tricity 300: Three wheels Motorcycles for city and highway

The front suspension locks when the bike is parked and prevents it from falling over.

Technically, it uses the XMax’s engine and a steel tube frame. It yields almost 28 HP, is water-cooled, and includes a continuous variator drive. And it offers some considerable performance with vigorous acceleration and a top speed of 140 km/h. It has ABS on all three wheels with combined braking.

The official average consumption is worthy of its dimensions: 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Thus, the 13 liters of the tank give for a theoretical autonomy of almost 400 kilometers.

Equipment: lights and shadows

At his controls, it is appreciated that he is a Generously sized vehicle with a screen that protects well and a spacious seat for the pilot and passenger. And below it is a large hole, 43.5 liters, in which two full-face helmets fit. It also comes standard with a smart key, handbrake, and a button that locks the front axle to prevent the motorcycle from falling when parked. This system is unlocked if the engine exceeds 2,000 revolutions or the vehicle for 10 km/h.

Yamaha Tricity 300: Three wheels Motorcycles for city and highway

The digital picture presents good visibility, but also a somewhat nondescript design.

Among the improvable aspects is the digital instrumentation, which reads well, but has little grace with a somewhat outdated single-color design. And also you need a glove box to keep everyday objects close at hand (mobile, wallet, control of the garage) because there is hardly any place to leave anything.

Otherwise, Yamaha offers three optional equipment packages: Urban, which brings together a taller front screen and extra cargo space (like a 39-liter trunk), sport, which nuances the image with a smoked screen and aluminum details, and Winter, which includes heated cuffs, lever covers and a blanket that protects the legs.

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