TikTok video shows what happens to the hundreds of leftover Dunkin’ donuts

Dunkin’ dice que la donación de los alimentos al final del día es un programa opcional para franquiciados.

Dunkin’ says that the end-of-day food donation is an optional program for franchisees.

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In some bakeries or food businesses, they usually donate bread and other foods that were not sold that day. However, this is not the fate of donuts from all Dunkin’s locationsas shown by a TikTok user through a video.

TikTok user @aidenshaw142, who would be an employee of the fast food chain, uploaded a video in which he shares his displeasure when he has to close the store. “I hate to close here!!!”, can be read in the text while watching the donuts slide from the trays into a large garbage can.

The young man publishes that he throws away 100 or more donuts at night. He recalls that two years ago he used to scrape between change so he could buy coffee and a donut, adding, “It sucks not being able to give away so many donuts.”


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In the text he mentions the discontent of not being able to cooperate to give so many free donuts and notes it’s sad to see how homeless people dive into dumpsters looking for donuts that are soaked in coffee, coffee grounds and milk.

The video in which he shows how leftover Dunkin’s donuts are thrown in the trash accumulates more than 2 million views and two thousand comments.

There are those who wonder why donuts cannot be donated to people in need. The employee who uploaded the video disposing of the donuts also said that workers are at risk of being fired for not disposing of the donuts the right way.

Donation is optional for franchisees

Apparently, Not all of the surplus Dunkin’ donuts would end up in the trash. On its website, the chain claims that it is committed to reducing food waste. They have donation programs at the end of the day and composting.

While Dunkin’ notes that it encourages its franchisees to get involved with their local communities, it explains that these programs are optional.

Dunkin’ says that with the exception of places where food donation regulations exist, it is left to the discretion of the individual restaurant owner whether or not food is donated at the end of the day.

“End of Day Donation is an optional program for franchisees that helps provide community service to local nonprofits and hunger relief organizations by donating surplus food from their restaurants,” explains Dunkin’.

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