Tim Cook confirms Apple’s commitment

Tim Cook Keynote 2020

The CPDP, an organization that brings together university research centers from the EU, organized a three-day meeting devoted to the issue of personal data protection. The event included a distinguished guest this year, as Tim Cook delivered a speech via video conference.

Apple has just published this speech on its YouTube channel. The CEO reaffirms his company’s commitments in this area. This notably involves the privacy labels set up on the App Store. An anti-tracking tool will also be launched in the spring to the chagrin of its competitors, including Facebook.

A model that generates violence?

Without naming the firm of Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook has made a rather scathing charge against the free model based on the collection of personal data of users set up by the giants of the web:

In a time of rampant disinformation and algorithm-fueled conspiracy theories, we can no longer condone a technology theory that says every engagement is a good engagement – the longer the better – and all in the goal of collecting as much data as possible. It is high time to stop pretending that this approach does not come at a cost – of polarization, loss of confidence and, yes, violence.

This statement may not really appeal to Facebook. We also know that the company would consider filing an antitrust lawsuit against the Apple brand.

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