Tim Cook expected for big announcement today

Tim Cook

Yesterday, the American channel CBS This Morning revealed that the Californian firm should make a important announcement today. It should not be a new product. But what will it be about then?

Several hypotheses have been made so far by various analysts. In these times of pandemic, Tim Cook could make an announcement about it. Imagine for example the integration of a new functionality in iOS for the follow-up of the patients, but also, and especially vaccinated people.

Otherwise, with the appearance of privacy labels last December on the App Store, Apple has really launched a stone in the pond. Facebook and in particular WhatsApp had to reveal their actions in terms of retrieving user information, which did not serve them, quite the contrary. Facebook notably accused Apple of harming the many small businesses that use Mark Zuckerberg’s platform as a showcase. Perhaps Apple’s announcement will be linked to this issue.

The central topic of the day may also be ecology. This is possible, because the environment and its defense constitute an important initiative for the Californian firm.

Finally, with the events that have taken place in recent days across the Atlantic, with the invasion of the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, but also the withdrawal of the Talking app from the App Store, Tim Cook could very well speak for a more political announcement.

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In any case, we will know more in the coming hours, possibly in the afternoon or early evening given the time difference between France and the United States.

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