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Tim Cook octobre 2021

Respect for the confidentiality of its users and their personal data has been one of the major axes of Apple’s strategy for several years. This has resulted in particular in the implementation of devices such as App Tracking Transparency, which allows you to directly refuse advertising tracking from an application.

Tim Cook could address some angry topics on the App Store

This has not escaped the notice of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), which is organizing a world summit on the subject next week. And this year, the headliner of this event will be the CEO of Apple Tim Cook. His speech, which will be broadcast on YouTube on April 12, should be closely scrutinized by all those interested in this file.

J. Trevor Hughes, the president and CEO of the IAPP, is full of praise for him:

Tim Cook is an important and influential voice for the privacy community, especially as Apple remains a critical player in the larger environment in which the digital economy operates. We look forward to his contributions to the event’s powerful dialogue on privacy and trust in the digital economy.

The summit will therefore be held from April 11 to 13 in Washington, DC. This meeting will be very interesting to follow, insofar as Tim Cook should logically address the subjects which annoy and in particular the battle engaged on the App Store against the big developers like Spotify and Epic Games, or the recent developments of the war in Ukraine.

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For English speakers who want to follow this event, we are adding Tim Cook’s live video, so you can follow it on YouTube when the time comes.

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