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On the occasion of theIAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022, Tim Cook spoke about privacy issues around our mobile devices. The CEO of Apple, who has been in office for more than ten years now, constantly insists that the protection of personal data is a fundamental right: so it seemed to be the perfect choice to intervene on the subject.

During the conference, the leader notably singled out the “regulations” which could ultimately compromise the security of iPhone users by allowing them to install apps from unknown sources. Understand: which are not scanned by Apple teams to verify that no virus is hosted there.

Decentralize to reign better

Tim Cook also took the opportunity to remind that Apple collects a minimum of private information about its customers, even if the company has already been sentenced by the courts following this practice.

One of the keys to analyzing such statistics in the safest possible way, for the CEO, however, consists in saving them on the mobiles of the targets as much as possible. What the iPhone according to him, thus avoiding bringing together all the profiles within the same data center. With a strategy like this, it is then more difficult for potential hackers to illegally access these files.

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In order to reassure consumers even more, Cook does not hesitate to specify that its mobiles are “encrypted by default“, although flaws in the source code of their operating system are regularly exposed to the public. Researchers specializing in cybersecurity are most often at the origin of these scandals, when they are not developers seeking rewards.

Officials get involved

Participants in the Global Privacy Summit include Brad Smith (Microsoft), Malcolm Gladwell (journalist at New Yorker), David Olusoga (filmmaker) or even Amy Gajda (author of Seek and Hide).

Facing them, heavyweights of the legislature to counterbalance the argument, including Lina M. Khan of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) or Didier Reynders. The European Commissioner for Justice, pinned down in corruption cases, is also in charge of the application of the GDPR.

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