Tim Cook made Apple a real “fortress”

Apple Park

In a long dossier published at the beginning of the week, Bloomberg Businessweek looks back on the undoubted success that the apple brand has known in recent years. Nothing really new, but for many it is an opportunity to remember the key stages that allowed the company to reach such a level. And it must be said, this one reaches new heights: the company is thus valued more than two billion of dollars.

The current president, for his part, is regularly acclaimed by critics for having been able to perpetuate figures that were already amazing at the time of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook, at the height of his sixties, is also the spokesperson for different minorities across the Atlantic. Within his arguments, we find, for example, the fight against certain police violence with the movement Black Lives Matters.

Trump and Asia

But all is not always so rosy so far. Thus, the paper of Bloomberg also evokes the rather surprising relationship that the leader has had with his counterpart at the head of the United States in recent years. Since replaced by Joe Biden, the latter has indeed been strongly criticized in particular for his management of what was then akin to the beginning of crisis with China.


The country, often considered the world’s leading economic power even ahead of Uncle Sam, is the place of production of iPhones. Many of Cupertino’s subcontractors are pointed out there for working conditions difficult reigning in their factories. Foxconn, closely followed by TSMC, Wistron or Pegatron, is now betting more and more on India.

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Confidentiality still relevant

Finally, the media of the three-time winner at New York City Hall also chooses to highlight Apple’s efforts in favor of the security of personal data. We know, the firm is the privacy advocate of its users, an argument that is sometimes rare among the competition.

And you, what has marked you the most over the past ten years? The end of the partnership with Intel? For my part, I opt without hesitation for the secret project of connected glasses or for that of the autonomous car.

Tim Cook made Apple a real "fortress"

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