Tim Cook made (at least) $ 14 million in 2020

Tim Cook Keynote novembre 2020

In a document submitted by Apple to the SEC we learn that Tim Cook, the boss of the apple, received a net salary of $ 3 million this year. An impressive figure for ordinary people, but which is almost low when you know the payrolls of other big bosses in the digital world. Tim Cook is then a Good Samaritan, who prefers to cut his coat in half, to leave more room for his company in a difficult 2020? Not really.

If Cook’s net salary is “only” $ 3 million, the latter has nevertheless received more than $ 10 million in performance bonus, enough to round off the end of the month. Apple says the company has exceeded sales and operating profit targets, resulting in a 179% bonus payout for Tim Cook and Apple’s top bosses.

$ 14.7 million: More than in 2019 but less than in 2018

In the “other compensation” column, Tim Cook was compensated slightly over $ 1 million. These expenses cover in particular a withdrawal of 115,385 dollars for the vacation of the big boss, but also travel and security expenses, which it represents nearly 900,000 dollars.

In all, the year 2020 will have allowed Tim Cook to earn $ 14.7 million, only since his salary as CEO of Apple, the shares held and other sources of income are not taken into account here. A figure higher than the year 2019 when Cook had won “only” 11 million dollars. This 2020 figure remains close to that of 2018, where the boss of Apple earned more than $ 15 million.

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The rest of Apple’s executives all have million dollar salaries. They also received performance bonuses at a rate of 179% which equates to over $ 3.5 million each. But for them, Apple’s document takes into account the value of their stock portfolio. These are around $ 21 million per person.

Tim Cook made (at least) $ 14 million in 2020

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