Tim Cook reflects on the ambivalent role of technology

Tim Cook Keynote novembre 2020

It’s a fascinating interview that Tim Cook gave to the American media Bustle. He returns at length to the mental health crisis which has been particularly exacerbated since the start of the pandemic. On this occasion, he was able to meet Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey, two former Apple employees, who recently founded the hugely successful Shine application. It offers guided meditation services and advice that improve the well-being of users.

“People spend more time than they say on their devices”

Apple was not mistaken in presenting this device as part of its “Best of the App Store” awards last year. The CEO of Apple explains about them as follows:

I think mental health is a crisis. And it’s a crisis that’s been so stigmatized. For so long, people have suffered in silence and isolation. Shine has done an incredible job, bringing the community together and bringing together a number of different elements that will make the change effective, rather than just a slogan.

He also believes that he himself is not immune to difficulties in this difficult period: ” You know, I don’t have an S on my chest and a cape on my back. I suffer from the effects of the pandemic like everyone else. I know I am privileged in many ways, but none of us are privileged to the point that mental health is not a key factor in life.

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It also remains to be seen whether the technology may not in some cases harm the mental health of its users. Some social networks, for example, have been singled out recently, like Instagram, which would be very harmful for teenage girls.

In this regard, the boss of the apple brand wants to be very clear: “ You also have to take into account what you are doing on these devices. I often worried about endless scrolling, surrounding yourself in negativity, etc. (…) We want people to do things with their devices, like exhibiting photographs that we both enjoyed, or connecting with family and friends with FaceTime. Not endless scrolling, without thinking.

To better manage this problem, Apple has also launched the Screen Time feature which “ gives people a clear idea of ​​how much time they actually spend on their devices, because in general, they spend a lot more than they say. Finally, note that other platforms are also trying to react, such as TikTok which offers new resources to improve the mental health of young people.

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