Tim Cook says more about Apple’s plan

Tim Cook Keynote iPhone 12

Apple last week unveiled its new Self Service Repair program. As its name suggests, it corresponds to a new project of the Cupertino company which will put on sale tools and official spare parts for the iPhone 12 and 13 from 2022 in the United States. Macs equipped with an M1 chip should also soon be affected. The idea of ​​course is to allow users to repair their devices on their own.

“If you are a technician, get started”

Tim Cook has just been asked about this initiative during the opening of an Apple Store in Los Angeles. As you might expect, the CEO was quite enthusiastic and optimistic.

He specifies : ” We realized that there were people who wanted to do this, and who are trained to do it. “According to him, this is a good thing” to make manuals and materials available that allow the public to do this ”. However, the Apple Store will still be necessary for anyone who is not comfortable getting started with repairs, but “if you are a technician, then go for it.” “.

During the same interview, Tim Cook took the opportunity to share his hopes for the holiday season. According to him, Apple is at the top and has the ” best product line Of his story. For the future, and although he remains discreet, the manager confirms that his company remains ” very focused on augmented reality, very focused on artificial intelligence, very focused on autonomy, focused on all these things that are basic technologies.

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As a reminder, we have just learned a few details about Self Service Repair. Thus, the repair guides will be free and available on the official Apple support site. And, to recover the parts, it will be necessary to go to a third party partner whose name is not yet known.

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