Tim Cook talks about his role at Apple in Time

Tim Cook Keynote novembre 2020

After having elevated Lisa Jackson to the rank of true ambassador of biodiversity, the Time this Sunday looked at the case of Tim Cook. Number one in Cupertino since the departure of Steve Jobs almost ten years earlier, the leader has seen his career take off at the same time as the staggering turnover of his company. As a reminder, this one is worth nearly $ 2.5 trillion at the moment. Equivalent to more than 2 000 billion euros, such a sum places the firm at the head of the first capitalizations of the planet.

On confidentiality

Obviously, it is impossible to read an exchange with Tim Cook without the question of the protection of privacy being mentioned by the journalist who hosts it. Here it is John Simons. After recalling Cupertino’s last significant commitments in favor of the security of personal data, he asked Cook what was the future of this sometimes controversial positioning.

For the CEO, the answer is clear: “we believe confidentiality is a right [fondamental]“. Better: this is a “value”Key at Apple. An argument that is difficult to swallow in the current context, where some countries such as Russia manage to bend iOS to better control their citizens. Not so long ago, Siri had even gone so far as to get pinned for eavesdropping on internet conversations without their consent and without them knowing.

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Cook passionate about AI

When asked about his personal opinions, Cook claims (once is not customary) to be passionate about everything related to artificial intelligence. A completely different subject, but which also appears here as one of the cornerstones of Apple’s strategy. Machine learning technology is now found in many products and services of the Californian multinational.

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A few examples, in brief:

  • Smart Stack suggestions, widget arrived with the update to iOS 14
  • the Neural Engine of the A15 chip propelling the iPhone 13 but also the sixth generation iPad mini
  • the voice assistant Siri, which becomes more efficient by analyzing the messages of millions of oral solicitations

Social issues

Finally, Simons also seems to have returned – without naming it precisely – to the #AppleToo scandal, mentioning the political and human issues of good working conditions. Tim Cook ensures for his part to have always taken care of his employees. At the heart of concerns at Apple: “diversity“,“inclusion“,“equity” and “justice“. To the best of my mind.

* deep learning / machine learning

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