Tim Cook to step down as Apple boss in 2026

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Last August, Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) shared new rumors about Apple, estimating in particular that Tim Cook could give up his role as CEO by 2025, or even 2028. This seems to confirm @LeaksApplePro, for whom the calendar would target 2026 more precisely. The account is not unknown to the battalion, since we have already seen it bet on the arrival of a punch camera for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Twenty-three years of success

Coming from a very modest family, Tim Cook joined Apple in 1998 and became operational manager (COO) the following decade. Logically, he succeeds Steve Jobs when he succumbs to cancer in 2011. Strong changes then take place gradually, leaving Apple out of the shadows with, for example, more appearances in the media from its employees. executives.

The brand is also more attentive to its users : Gone is the butterfly mechanism keyboard, while the return of the HDMI socket and SD card slot on the latest MacBook Pros has also delighted reviews. Serious emphasis has also been placed on the protection of privacy, confidentiality having become the spearhead of Apple’s communication operations as can be seen on its site, with its giant posters or via its YouTube channel.

What follow-up for the administration?

According to several other sources, it is rumored that the current COO of Apple would be approached to succeed Tim Cook. It is Jeff williams, hired at the same time and which notably propelled iPhone sales to the top while consolidating the value proposition of the Apple Watch. He will be sixty years old in 2023.

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If the executive returns to him, Williams will then be equipped with all the keys in hand to confirm Apple’s pole position in terms of valuation. The firm thus always occupies the first place of the top listed companies on Wall Street and around the world. Its mobiles and services are the sectors that allow it to generate the most income, where Alphabet still capitalizes mainly on advertising and Facebook on data resale, an expertise that is all in all very closely related.

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