Tim Cook’s message of peace

Tim Cook

The outbreak of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on Thursday took the world by surprise and the full repercussions are not yet fully understood. If we will have to wait a little longer to see more clearly, Tim Cook quickly split a tweet to express his position.

He explains : ” I am deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine. We are doing all we can for our teams on site and will support local humanitarian efforts. I think of the people who are currently in danger and I join with all those who call for peace. »

What impact will the war in Ukraine have on Apple and its competitors?

Apple does not have a physical store in Ukraine but the Cupertino company works with several partner resellers in the country. The apple brand has also opened new offices in Moscow at the beginning of February.

This initiative was taken following a request from the Russian communications regulator, Roskomnadzor. The latter wants American technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter to have a physical presence in the region. Some observers have rightly noted that Apple is the first company of Uncle Sam to have agreed to comply with this regulation.

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Either way, the war in Ukraine is bad news for Apple and its competitors. Stock values Tech companies fell on the stock market on Thursday, with a decline of 2.6% for that of the Apple brand at first. It should be noted that the title subsequently regained color, in particular because stock traders learned of good news concerning the strategy of the American central bank (FED).

Investors fear that the economic sanctions imposed by Russia and in particular the ban on all sales of hardware and software in the country will curb the activities of these companies. Others pointed to risks to the already overdue microchip supply chain.

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