Time Magazine hails Apple’s efforts

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The year 2021 has been rich in novelties from Apple and the efforts of the Tech giant in favor of the confidentiality of its users have rightly been hailed by the newspaper. Time Magazine. We are thinking in particular of the App Tracking Transparency which alerts you if an application collects and transmits information to third parties and allows you to refuse this tracking.

Tim Cook has already received Time Magazine honors in 2021

Time Magazine has therefore decided to classify the apple brand among the 100 most influential companies. She explains her choice as follows:

Last year, Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook, took an important step by allowing users to block advertising companies from tracking their app usage, a technique used for ad targeting. Apple has touted the change as a victory for user privacy — and users seem to agree, with most opting out.

The American newspaper adds to qualify its statement a little: “ Many anti-surveillance activists welcomed this development, but others noted that it underscored Apple’s enormous power. And in earnings calls that followed the changes, ad-dependent tech giants like Meta and Snap blamed Apple for causing “headwinds” that resulted in tens of billions dollars of losses. »

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Note that the Cupertino company is not the only technology company to appear in this list. This is also the case for Netflix, Alphabet, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, or even IBM and NVIDIA. Finally, remember that Tim Cook has already appeared in the ranking of Time Magazine of the hundred most influential people. You can read the article we published on this subject here.

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