Time to pamper yourself! 8 delicious tips to relax

Time to pamper yourself! 8 delicious tips to relax

Disconnect from work and prepare for a moment of relaxation with this guide designed to pamper you during the weekend.

1. Underwear is essential to rest, so bet on soft and unstructured fabrics, which mold to your body to feel as if you are wearing a second skin.

2. We all love the relaxed feeling that wearing sports pieces gives us thanks to the technology they implement in their fabrics, which provide freshness and a lot of comfort, even if you don’t plan to play sports and spend the day at home.

3. Free yourself from stilettos or any other uncomfortable footwear, so better bet on sandals or slippers that integrate soft elements of fur, to be comfortable and in trend.

4. Create an atmosphere of peace with an aromatic candle that includes relaxing essences of eucalyptus and mint, in this way your body will begin to rest while your senses are relaxing.

5. Feet are the furthest behind in our body, so give them some time and moisturize them with a special moisturizing mask that restores their softness.

6. Our head tends to accumulate a lot of stress, so give it a break with a capillary massage that integrates a treatment to nourish your hair while relaxing the scalp.

7. Nothing is more relaxing than a rich facial mask and, of course, time to rest it, this in order for your face to absorb all its attributes, which, without a doubt, is a luxury that you should not miss.

8. While you relax, take advantage of this time to disconnect and take up those books that you left abandoned, or start one that has been on your to-do list.


By: Michel Medina Martínez

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