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El Deportivo, entrenándose en Riazor.

The distance between Deportivo and Dux, as a club and in the standings, it’s huge, but both share some common points. Both closed the first round facing each other in January in a vibrant 2-3 in favor of the Blue and Whites who, despite everything, left a smile on both sides. Leaders from A Coruña, at the same distance from the playoff as from relegation from Madrid. This Sunday the faces will be seen with a very different grimace on the face. yessecond the Blue and Whites, although with calm due to the skid of Racing de Ferrol and the confidence that the claim for the improper alignment of Bilbao Athletic will prosper. Just two points from the abyss, the people of Madrid descended. DDifferent final objectives but the same immediate one: take off before it’s too late because this is beginning to end.

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The role of favoritehow could it be otherwise, falls to Deportivo by squadclassification and why he plays at home. Riazor has become the refuge of the Blue and Whites in which they have achieved three of the four victories they have in the second round. This pyrrhic statistic brings both teams closer, since the team from A Coruña have added 15 points in the second round and the team from Madrid, 13. A fact that undoubtedly highlights the magnitude of the fall of Borja Jiménez’s team. Depor’s objective is no longer just to win, it is also to rediscover itself. Football and mental doubts shared by a Dux who lands in Riazor after being thrashed by the overwhelming Racing de Santander (0-3).

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One more day Borja Jiménez continues without right backs, orA problem that is joined by the flu of some of its players that can condition the eleven. The blue and white coach could return the ownership to Jaime in the axis of the defense and meditates to enter the left-handed Aguirre by the right-handed lane in order to upload Villares and his deployment to the center of the field. Upstairs there are also pools, with Mario Soriano, William and the hot Quiles as the main favorites to start. Alfredo Santaelenameanwhile, could change the goal and get David Barral back up front on a day that will be special for him. Hero with his goal against Valencia in the 1995 Cup final, he returns to a Riazor that does not forget him.


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