tips and examples to make yours a success

tips and examples to make yours a success

The contact page, no offense to some, brings real added value to the website of a brand or a company. Sometimes neglected for other pages supposed to give more visibility, such as the home page or about, it nevertheless represents an opportunity not to be neglected and which above all offers visitors crucial information.

How to successfully create your contact page?

  • Make your page accessible
  • Insert a contact form
  • Use an appropriate tone
  • Make your page responsive
  • Mention all of your contact details
  • Place a call to action button

Make your page accessible

First of all, it is important to make the contact page accessible in a simple and practical way for the Internet user. To do this, you can insert links on the home page or about, for example, which lead to the contact page. It is also interesting to put at the very top of your site or at the very bottom in the footer, a link in order to offer the visitor the immediate possibility of accessing your contact page. Thus, the Internet user browsing your site will not waste time looking for a way to contact you.

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Insert a contact form

Crucial element of this page: the famous contact form so appreciated by Internet users. Indeed, inserting such a form on your page allows visitors to fill in their details in a simple and fast way. On the other hand, play on simplicity by offering only a few fields to complete. The more the form is restricted, the more the visitor wishes to complete it. The “surname”, “first name”, “e-mail address” fields are most often used, with a free field so that the visitor can leave a message.

Use an appropriate tone

It is true that the contact page is not the most creative page so do not hesitate to make it attractive by using a friendly tone. Welcome visitors as soon as they arrive on this page and humanize it by inserting photos of you or your team, for example. Make sure that the Internet user does not have the impression of reading a simple text written by robots.

Make your page responsive

Major advantage of your contact page: it must be read on smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, your site will not only be viewed on computers, but also on other devices. Make sure that your contact page is responsive, that is to say that it is readable in a completely normal way on mobile phones and tablets. Internet users browsing the Internet are most often outside, in transport or during their lunch break, so it is important that your contact page is adapted.

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Mention all of your contact details

So that visitors can find and contact you in different ways, don’t forget to provide all of your contact details. Indicate your position on a plan that you can choose in your editor. Also indicate your exact address if you have a physical point of sale. Insert your telephone number as well as your e-mail address with a link to be able to send you a message directly by clicking on it. Internet users will also have the possibility of knowing your contact details. Do not forget to fill in the social networks on which you are present by inserting links.

Place a call to action button

Finally, here is an essential element to place on your contact page. This is the call to action button, also called CTA. Your button text should be simple, short, and clear. For example: “Book an appointment” or “Contact us”. Make the button visible by giving it a particular color.

5 examples of successful contact pages


The Habitat site offers a fairly simple contact page allowing visitors to access various means of communication. A contact form made up of only 4 fields offers excellent fluidity. The site also offers visitors the possibility of contacting 3 different services by providing their e-mail addresses. Habitat also offers links to its profile on social networks.

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housing contact page


The Vidyard brand offers a rather complete contact page with a contact form upon arrival on the page. Several fields need to be completed. The design is sober and welcoming. A little further on the page, a plan is displayed to see where the sign is located. All the coordinates are indicated as well as the various e-mail addresses.

vidyard contact page

Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola brand, for its part, offers a contact page with a fairly large content where it invites the Internet user to select the reason for his request directly in the form. A call to action button is present to directly access the Chat in order to contact a team member. All contact details are at the bottom of the page with the opening hours of the telephone service.

coca cola contact page

Marseille Tourist Office

The Marseille Tourist Office website offers a contact page giving direct access to several services depending on the user’s request. It also highlights its different e-mail addresses, with icons that refer visitors to no less than 5 social networks. All useful contact information is made available in a simple and fluid manner.

marseille contact page


The Greenpeace site offers a rather original contact page with its rather humorous welcome photo. The tone is set and the welcome on the page is warm. A short FAQ reminder is offered before going to the contact form. Very interesting to avoid unnecessary contact requests. Then the page offers complete contact details, as well as opening hours.

greenpeace contact page

As you have understood, the contact page plays an important role on your website. It allows the user to take action and especially to contact you. Try to write a contact page that is qualitative and structured.

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