tips and tools for success

tips and tools for success

Every day, millions of users take to social media to post, share and comment on it. Whether it is to follow, analyze or respond to conversations that deal with its brand, the social listening is a method that allows a business to obtain invaluable data.

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Here are the tips to follow and the tools to use to set up an effective social listening strategy.

The importance of social listening in a marketing strategy

When you look at her customers, you are interested in what she says about her business: that’s what social listening is all about.

Social listening vs social monitoring

Social listening involves analyzing online conversations and brand mentions in order to strategize accordingly. It can then be for a company to respond to a customer or to review the positioning of its brand.

Social listening is very different from social monitoring, which collects data such as engagement rate and number of subscribers. Social monitoring is useful for:

  • Compare two different campaigns.
  • Show the interest of a social network.
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The goal of social listening is not to know how many times the brand has been mentioned, but to understand how consumers feel. It is a forward-looking method that helps companies design a business strategy tailored to the feelings of users.

The advantages of social listening

Social listening offers many benefits for a business. Indeed, it allows:

  • Engage customers more by identifying the right times to interact with them.
  • To spot in real time a change of sentiment on social media and to understand its origin in order to adapt its strategy.
  • To know what is said about the competition to better follow its activity.
  • To detect problems related to its product or its service in order to improve them.
  • Identify potential brand ambassadors with whom to collaborate.

How to do social listening?

Establish your goals

To set up an effective social listening strategy, it is necessary to know what information to look for.

So, you always have to ask yourself:

  • What is the objective of this strategy? Know your customers better? Study the positioning of its competitors?
  • What results to look for and what data to monitor?

Identify the networks on which its users are located

Many social media can be monitored, including:

  • Social networks.
  • Specialized blogs.
  • Forums.
  • Consumer opinion sites.

The media subject to monitoring vary according to objectives determined upstream.

Use tools integrated into social networks

Most social networks have built-in native search tools that allow companies to monitor competition, certain terms or industries.

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To find out what the competition is doing, it is, for example, possible to use the “Pages to watch” section available in statistics on Facebook or to subscribe to the hashtags of certain brands on Instagram.

Do active social listening

Social listening is a passive process since its objective is to listen to the comments of its users a posteriori. However, he can become active by posting surveys online or by creating a chatbot, for example.

Discuss within your team

All the information collected following the analyzes carried out must be shared with its team (sales, marketing, product development, etc.). They can also be communicated to employees in other departments.

Social listening tools

Here is a selection of 10 social listening tools to test without delay.


HubSpot provides a tool for businesses to track social media mentions of their brand and identify people who impact those mentions. A brand can thus be notified by e-mail as soon as a person mentions a hashtag, a keyword or their company so as not to miss any opportunity to engage its subscribers.


Totally dedicated to listening to social media, Awario allows a company to follow the mentions of its brand published on the web, its competitors or its sector of activity. The tool also provides a list of influential people who talk about their brand.


Hootsuite is a tool capable of configuring social media feeds for the purpose of monitoring conversations from a list of keywords.

If the opportunity to exchange with a contact arises, the tool allows you to respond directly or to pass the baton on to an employee.


Agorapulse not only allows a business to schedule social media posts, but also to track its environment.

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The tool offers companies the ability to detect influential people within their community and assign each conversation to a member of their team.


Mention is a tool specializing in social listening, which allows a company to monitor all content that mentions its brand, whether on social networks, on blogs or on news sites. Information is transmitted daily by e-mail.


With Meltwater, a business can monitor content on dozens of social networks, consumer review sites, blogs, and forums. The tool allows brands to better understand what their consumers are saying about them and to identify the topics that interest them.


Brandwatch allows its users to follow a conversation among millions of pieces of data. An email notification is sent when an important discussion is detected.


Thanks to TweetReach, it is possible for a brand to analyze its reach on Twitter exclusively. This tool provides information on the number of user accounts that have been reached by a hashtag or keyword. It also provides statistics on the most loyal mentions and followers.


Using BuzzSumo, a business can get an accurate view of the number of shares and impressions their articles and social media posts are making. The tool thus makes it possible to have a precise idea of ​​the themes which interest its audience.


Dedicated to Instagram and Twitter, Keyhole allows a business to monitor the impact of its brand. She can thus better understand her audience on these social networks by analyzing her feelings according to the type of messages that are posted.

To go further, download this free guide andfind out how to set up an effective social listening project that will help you take strategic decisions.Social listening guide

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