Tips for dealing with an appointment at election time

Tips para lidiar con una cita en tiempos electorales

It is advisable to discuss politics on the first date.

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It seems that having a date in 2020 is all audacity, first due to the issue of the coronavirus pandemic and in these months the situation seems to be more complicated because we are in electoral times.

“Singles haven’t been able to date many this year due to the pandemic, and now, as some become more comfortable with long-distance social dating, they find themselves right in the middle of an extremely contentious political climate,” says the expert. dating Jennifer Wexler, founder of Find Real Love After 40.

“In fact, I encourage my clients to talk about politics on a first date ”, Wexler notes. “Dating is about meeting someone and being authentic. Since the topic will be discussed at some point, why wait? If the person is upset by your opinions, it is better to know now than later, ”he adds.

The expert gives some tips for dealing with politics when dating:

Be respectful. If you and your date have different political views, it can still work as long as you respond with curiosity and an open mind. It won’t work if they react aggressively or belittle themselves for being “wrong.”

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Go further. Dating is about finding someone who has similar values, so ask them where their political stance comes from: Was it from their parents, an experience, or some class or course?

Discover. See if you can relate any of their beliefs to a similar starting point.

Focus on values. There are ways to bridge the gap if you focus on your moral values ​​and not politics.

Be nice. At the end of the day, if you don’t “click” with your date because the political issue is central to your life, then end the bond politely, without hurting the other.


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