7 tips To Get A Partner This Christmas And that will help you in love

Tips To Get A Partner This Christmas

Searching for new options and daring to be different will be key to your relationship or if you are looking for one.

Approaches Christmas, time of year when we not only have the opportunity to live with our loved ones, but it is also a time to reflect on the good and the bad that we have had throughout the year.

It is likely that in love you did not go completely well, either because you did not find the right person to have a relationship or, because you decided to put an end to that courtship that apparently, everything indicates would not take you anywhere.

But at Christmas, most would like to go to those parties or gatherings accompanied by their partner. If you find yourself alone right now, the sexologist Verónica Maza Bustamante gives us 7 tips to attract love and get a partner this Christmas, and if you already have it, then so that your relationship is strengthened during these times.

Tips To Get A Partner This Christmas

1. In order to have an “ideal partner”, We should first try to understand who we are and what we want, beyond social impositions. If you do not know yourself, it will be impossible to have successful relationships.

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2. Orgasm is one of the great gifts of the human being. Why do many women deny him, do not know how to reach him, and their partners do not make an effort to help them? The search is delicious, as well as fun, so organize the trip!

3. There is no one type of orgasm. The possibilities of living in the climax are endless! Do not settle for the formulas that ensure a good term; Go further, for there are always other doors of joy to open.

4. Do you want to do really new things in bed? Don’t try it if you haven’t talked to your partners about it. Talking about it before you do it will not take away from the excitement and can make the experience more complete.

5. Anal sex has its own thing. It is not exclusively for gay men nor is it true that no woman likes it. If you want to know if it generates pleasant sensations regardless of your sex, plan a meeting with lubricants, oils, and special preservatives for that use. Be patient, playful, and kind. Go little by little if you feel better that way. The point is to have a good time.

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6. We live in Tinder times and other applications that make sex a la carte and express possible, an option that can be enjoyed if limits are set from the beginning, so that nobody feels cheated.

7. What is love? It is never too late or repetitive to ask yourself this great question. You can use the ideas of experts, books, movies, and other tools to come up with answers that satisfy us and, most importantly, help us integrate those concepts into reality. Everything changes, in the world and in our lives, so there will be many times that you have to question and answer. It is fascinating!

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