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6 Tips To Improve Coexistence With Your Partner during the quarantine


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During this quarantine, stressful situations can occur between the couple, it is necessary to display qualities with our partners such as patience, tolerance, effective and fluid communication, and establishing norms and consensus. This will allow us to maintain a good coexistence.

However, there can always be friction or misunderstanding. That is why here we give you some tips to improve coexistence with your partner, according to an article in the newspaper El Tiempo.

Tips To Improve Coexistence With Your Partner

1. Maintain work schedules

In these hours, teleworking hours are not only included. Too It is important to make a list of the tasks that must be done at home and the determined time in which they will be done. It is necessary to maintain a balance to be able to share as a couple and not neglect home responsibilities.

2. See the positive

Focusing on the positive things that both of you have will help to let go of flaws and avoid quarrels and arguments. So it is important to strengthen these points and live them as a couple this will calm anxieties and keep you in a good mood.

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3. Keep discussions at bay

It is true that discussion is inevitable. But you need to recognize those moments when the mood is high and give yourself time to avoid an altercation. It is important to reach an agreement to recognize this trend and control it, since fighting does not bring good, and increases stress and anxiety.

4. Communication: The most important thing

To maintain a good relationship with your partner during quarantine, it is important to talk about things that cause part and part discomfort and try to improve them. A constant and empathetic conversation about these topics will help to strengthen the relationship, and of course, not being too demanding or a perfectionist.

5. Take advantage of the time

Now that they spend more time together, They should take advantage of it to do activities as a couple. Exercise, cook, watch movies, this will strengthen your relationship and generate greater well-being.

6. Have your space

Although it sounds counterproductive, it also it is important that everyone has their space. There will be times when either of you will want to spend time alone, which is important. You have to know how to respect these moments so as not to saturate the relationship and allow a correct relationship between the two.

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The quarantine presents challenges in the coexistence of all couples and families, but taking into account these tips, the difficult times will be much more bearable.

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