3 Tips to lose weight from the 40s

Tips to lose weight from the 40s

Enjoying a healthy weight is important and not only in matters of your own safety, but it is also an aspect of fundamental health. Today’s society is going through a strong obesity epidemic, which is derived in worrisome medical complications, among which stand out degenerative conditions that occur with the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, affectations in mental and emotional health.

Although today we have all kinds of trends and tools that make the road easier, as we get older it gets more complicated to lose and control body weight. In fact, there is a study that has provided considerable clarity on this issue.

According to the work of researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden; have discovered the main reason why we gain weight as we age and confirm that this has to do with a process called: lipid substitution. This concept refers to the body’s ability to store and eliminate fats or lipids, to regulate the adipose tissue mass. As we well know excess body mass is directly related to obesity and various health complications.

The conclusions of the research works were blunt, overall health is affected by an increase in the size of fat cells (fat). That is to say, as we get older and we consume food at the same rate as the years of youth, we are not adjusting to the fact that the body no longer burns the same calories; this results in fat cell growth and it turns every time more difficult to lose weight.

It is because of that as we get older the metabolism slows down, this prevents burn calories at the same time as before and the worst of all is that in women it is more recurrent. There are several factors involved, one of the main ones has to do with the hormonal balance, when women are young there is a stage of the menstrual cycle in which estrogens are at sky-high levels and are in charge of intervening in brain functions that regulate the food intake, metabolic expenditure and the way it stores body fat.

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What happens is that estrogen levels decrease with age and is the leptin hormone, which is in charge of regulating said functions that are key in body weight. This hormone is the one in charge of regulating hunger and it is very likely that with age it causes an increase in appetite, worst of all is that it is one of the main responsible for promoting the accumulation of abdominal fat.

This is not to say that losing weight after 40 years old is an impossible task, to know what happens in our body in certain stages of life is a great measure for taking action on the matter. Based on this we present the 3 most essential recommendations, created by nutritionists to get the best results.

Tips to lose weight from the 40s

1. Lose the fear of carbohydrates

Although from 40 years of age the daily carbohydrate requirements are lower they do not disappear and are still necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Various nutritionists agree that one of the most common mistakes that they comment before the little weight loss is skipping carbohydrates. The recommendation is knowing how to choose sources from which we obtain carbohydrates, choose to reduce quantities, and ensure that they are of the highest quality possible. It is essential to avoid the consumption of refined flours, processed foods, and sugars. Consider 45 grams of slow-absorbing carbohydrates per meal is perfect, that is, consider approximately 175 grams per day. Between the main recommendations is the consumption of whole grains As brown rice and pasta, quinoa, oats, legumes, and fruits and vegetables.

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2. Make vegetables the centerpiece of your meals

In recent years there has been much talk about the immense benefits of following a plant-based diet and as we get older. While the consumption of proteins of high biological value plays an important role in weight loss, it is a good recommendation to reverse the roles and give more value to the consumption of all kinds of vegetables. Forget about seeing them as a simple garnish and turn them the star of your main meals and snacks. They are the best source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber best of all, they are highly versatile and come in all kinds of combinations. Another good tip is to select temporary products, remember nature is wise and provides us with the food we need to cope with certain times of the year.

3. Get moving, 30 minutes a day

One of the best and most infallible habits to keep the metabolism active is physical activity. You don’t have to become a high-performance athlete, consider 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day: enjoy walking, jogging, yoga, or Pilates classes, and make part of your routine some strength exercise. This is one of the most important aspects to take care of after 40 years of age and is related to a decrease in hormone production and the reduction of muscle mass; these aspects make basal metabolism deteriorates significantly and burning calories is very difficult.

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Other considerations:

  • Base your shopping list on “Real food” forget about processed foods and fast foods. Give yourself a chance to eat quality products in this way you will not only be nourishing the body, they are so healthy that they will not make you gain weight.
  • Enjoy occasionally liking yourself, balance is the key to well-being.
  • Consume a high content of natural liquids and medicinal infusions, they are a great ally for combat fluid retention and promote the elimination of toxins.
  • Enjoy the process of cooking at home, it is an important habit to change our relationship with food.
  • Be careful with schedules, are important to reactivate the metabolism.
  • Try the balance of colors in all the dishes you consume, this is synonymous with richness in nutrients.
  • Control the quantities, the Harvard plate method is an infallible recommendation for balance portions.
  • Avoid anger and high levels of stress, cortisol wreaks havoc on weight and makes it very difficult to lose weight.

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