Tips to prevent sports injuries

Playing sports or exercising regularly is very important to promote health, prevent diseases and counteract the deteriorations of the body that arise over time.

What Happens When You Are Injured?

Depending on the type of injury, you will most likely need to avoid physical activity altogether for a while so that the affected area can have a chance to heal, or you will need to reduce the intensity, exercise, or range of movements that you used to. do.

This situation, beyond the injury itself, can lead to feelings of stagnation or helplessness as you cannot continue with the commitment you have set for yourself and your goals.

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Maybe you had a routine and an agenda for the physical goals you wanted to achieve, now stopped, this can be a bit exasperating and can even cause you to lose the rhythm that you have so hard to achieve.

What better way than to prevent all this situation by taking some measures on a day-to-day basis and thereby gain the peace of mind that your body will be in the best condition to withstand the sport or exercise that you practice, in that way, you will avoid many of the injuries that they were possible to prevent.

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Types of sports injuries

Sports injuries can originate for various reasons such as not being in good physical condition, not using sports equipment properly, wearing inappropriate clothing or shoes, using the wrong technique, omitting preparation as warm-up exercises and stretching, among others.

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Sports injuries usually impact the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, some of the most common are:

– Overuse injuries.



-Joint injuries.


How to prevent sports injuries?

It is possible to avoid most injuries or, failing that, their degree by taking some preventive actions that help the body to be in optimal conditions for sport or exercise, some actions are:

– Warm up.

– Stretching exercises.

– Cooling exercises.

-Include cardiovascular and flexibility exercises.

– Carry an adequate rhythm during sport or exercise, avoid rushing.

– Give rest to the group of muscles that have been exercised.

– Alternate routines per session to focus on different muscles.

-Techniques suitable for sport.

-Wear footwear and clothing according to sport or exercise.

-Familiarize yourself with the sports team.

-Hydrate properly.

-Monitor respiration.

– Stop the session if there is any discomfort or injury and seek advice from a specialist.

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– Maintain an adequate diet.

Indeed, as in most cases, prevention is much easier to do than treating an injury as a result of omitting a good practice or having taken an unfavorable action.

In the same way, you will see that incorporating these preventive measures will lead you to other benefits that by themselves will make you feel very good and thereby prevent you from having recurring injuries.

Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center, American Academy of Pediatrics.

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