Tlayuda mexicana, the best street dish in Latin America

Tlayuda mexicana, el mejor platillo callejero de Latinoamérica


The tlayuda is a dry and brittle corn tortilla of at least 30 cm in diameter.

Photo: Thelmadatter / Creative Commons

The tlayuda, originally from Oaxaca, was crowned as the queen of Latin American street food in a contest organized by Netflix. We will tell you what it is, where it arose and how it is made.

Through its social networks, the digital platform organized the competition to promote the documentary Street Food: Latin America which premiered on July 21.

The most representative street food dishes of Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. In the end, the traditional Oaxacan dish prevailed with 46.8 percent, followed by the Lima ceviche (45.3 percent) and the Argentine choripán (7.9 percent).

Such was the enthusiasm and recognition of Mexican food that the competition aroused that even personalities from politics entered the game, such as the United States ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, who asked for support for the tlayuda.

What is tlayuda

The tlayuda is a dry and brittle corn tortilla of at least 30 cm in diameter It is made with white corn dough and eaten with various stews in the region of Central Valleys of Oaxaca.

The word tlayuda comes from the Nahuatl word tlao-li, What does it mean “Shredded corn”Plus the suffix uda, which means“ abundance ”.

Like daily bread

This Oaxacan omelette is enjoyed in the morning, afternoon and evening, either with savory or sweet accompaniments. You can add cheese, refried beans, beef jerky, beef jerky or chorizo. At night you eat sprinkled with sugar when you drink coffee.

Due to the way they are cooked, tlayudas can be preserved for a long time. Old tlayudas are used to prepare Chilaquiles; explains the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomy.

With mezcal

In Oaxacan food restaurants it is sold as snack or snack while drinking mezcal or beer, and warming up with a little greaves seats. It can also be served in pieces as if it were bread to accompany food.

How do you prepare

Tlayuda mexicana, the best street dish in Latin America
An Oaxacan cook during the cooking of tlayudas. Photo: Gardenia Mendoza / Creative Commons

The tortilla cook on the comal until the water in the dough evaporates. Once cooked and with firm consistency, it is removed from the comal and placed on the side of the coals, resting on the comal so that it is finished drying.

Cultural heritage

The tlayudas are part of the Oaxacan dishes that were declared in 2010, Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, as well as the Oaxacan mole, the soup of guides, and the chapulines.

Tlayuda Fair

In July the Tlayuda Fair takes place, in the town of San Antonio de la Cal; within the framework of the Guelaguetza festivities.

Types of tlayudas

In Oaxaca there are two types of Tlayudas, the tlayuda from the Oaxaca Valley and tlayuda from the Isthmus.

The tlayuda del valle is like a huge, well-browned toast that contains the following ingredients: butter seat, meat (chicken, beef, beef jerky or chorizo), avocado, refried pinto beans in the tlayuda or separately, cheese, tomato, sliced ​​onion and tlayuda sauce to taste.

The tlayuda istmeña is a folded omelette with beef, chorizo, quesillo, bean or butter seat, lettuce and sauce, and if you want jerky.

What is the beef jerky

Lightly salted and crisp beef; It can be dried in the sun or by smoking. It is usually eaten roasted or fried, and is common in the states of central Mexico, Chiapas, Oaxaca and Veracruz. This technique of preserving meat is believed to have been carried out in Mesoamerica since pre-Hispanic times.



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