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Quel est le niveau d’études requis pour devenir développeur web ?

With current technological advancements, the web development industry is booming. The web developer has now become an essential player in a company, whatever its field of activity.

There is therefore no shortage of recruitments in this field and this profession is increasingly coveted. What studies to follow to become a web developer?

What are the skills of the web developer?

With the advent of the digital age, the internet has become an essential tool for companies. Faced with this craze, the Web development turns out to be a lucrative business.

Today, becoming a developer is the goal of a constantly increasing number of students. Demand for web developer training is exploding. The profession of web developer consists of design websites or mobile applications from lines of code and computer languages. The developer transcribes in computer language customer needs to offer them the relevant web or mobile solution. HTML, JavaScript, CSS… are some of the basics to master in this area. It goes without saying that for a neophyte, this area is totally incomprehensible.

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In addition to the design of the site, the web developer will have to perform tests to check its ergonomics and reliability. He will also have to monitor the evolution and possibly correct the problems. The idea is that the customer can use in a simple and effective way an arsenal composed of computer programming, creation of user interfaces, UX design, natural referencing …

To become a web developer, you have the possibility of following training accessible from the bac + 3 level: Bachelor, Master, MBA. These training courses are available initially, but also on a work-study basis and will allow you to acquire a solid foundation in IT development and to be able to design web or mobile interfaces and ensure maintenance of software and web platforms.

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How to become a web developer?

If you are passionate enough about the world of IT, it is possible to learn web development on your own. However, this is a tedious exercise that is easy to get lost in. What to learn first? What steps should not be overlooked? What are the basics? These are all questions you may come up against. Moreover, without a diploma allowing you to legitimize your skills, it will be more difficult for you to integrate a company. To properly exercise the profession of web developer, it is always advisable to go through training.

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Web development is a broad field that involves both mastering computer language and SEO referencing. By following training, you will be able to acquire all the knowledge necessary to shine in your field. A Bac + 2 (BTS in computer science, infrastructure and network) is the first step in turning to the profession. With your BTS you will already have a foothold in the business. If you want to go further, you can aim for the license with a Tray 3 or one Master Pro with a Bac +5.

The engineering schools or web schools are recommended for you if you later wish to continue your studies and specialize. With a Bac + 5 in your pocket, you can even expand your skills beyond web development. You will then be able to turn to video games, e-marketing or banks and insurance.

What you must remember

The craze for the profession is more and more important, there is no lack of web development training. You will find initial training or alternately and even remote. During the training period, you will be required to do internships with companies to soak up the profession. On average, a developer can earn 35,000 € uros per year for a beginner, up to 100,000 € uros per year with a senior profile.

The web professions, a permanent evolution!
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