Tomorrow, champagne for Apple shareholders


$118.3 billion (nearly 105 billion euros): here is how much Apple could announce to have earned during the last quarter, during its dedicated announcement scheduled for Thursday. These figures come directly from Wall Street and, reported by Yahoo! financeshould get closer without too much difference to the real numbers that will be presented by Luca Maestri, CFO of Apple.

By comparison, the period from October to December 2020 was marked by also record revenues of $ 111.4 billion. A significant growth therefore seems to be expected, which could send the AAPL stock higher once again on the NASDAQ. The four trillion dollars of capitalization in sight, as the next brand step.

Thank you Christmas gifts

Of course, these forecasts are largely due to the week of Black Friday and the holiday season when most Apple consumer products seem to have sold out like hot cakes. A success that is not about to stop: alongside the four iPhone 13 currently available would also prepare a third generation iPhone SE, with 5G chip under the hood.

Another success: Macbook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, which despite these large estimates are probably still very far from reaching their sales peak. The fault of stocks still too small in the face of a particularly substantial demand. In general, the first quarter of each year does worse than the last of the previous one, but over time these delivery times can be reduced to reverse the trend.

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Call for investors

Are you concerned about the future of Apple? So beyond the results expected tomorrow, another appointment is to be noted in your diary for the March 4 next. It is indeed on this date that Cupertino organizes its annual exchange with shareholders, the opportunity to ask all the questions that annoy.

Tim Cook will of course be on the bill. The manager has now been at the head of Apple for ten years, and it is under his command that the company has tenfold its market value.

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